Hi there!

I’m Emily–a twenty-something Aquarius who has lost 80 pounds, loves food, and wholeheartedly supports selfies.

I’m an almost-graduate at the University of New Hampshire, where I’ve studied Nutrition & Dietetics. After graduation in just a few weeks (!!!), I’ll head home for a dietetic internship at Central Washington University. My ultimate goal is to be a Registered Dietitian (duh) and work either clinically or at the state/federal level in public health nutrition.

The nutrition issues that I care most deeply about include school nutrition, food policy, and equal access to food and healthcare.

In my free time, I love virtually spending time with my wonderful fiance, cooking, wedding planning, exercising, laughing with friends, and hanging out in the grocery store.

When I was applying to internships, I found that there were very few real life accounts of what the application process and internship experience was like. I’m hoping to chronicle at least some of my experiences so prospective interns can have a real, down-to-earth perspective during an incredibly stressful time.

If y’all have any questions, please feel free to contact me! I promise to be as prompt and helpful as possible.





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