Disbelief and excitement related to impending graduation as evidenced by this blog post

Seven days of class, three assignments, and three finals.

That’s all that stands between my hard-earned degree and me.

I was fresh out of community college when I toured UNH in 2014. I had decided at that point that dietetics was right for me, but hadn’t taken all the science prerequisites that it required. When I met with admissions reps, they took one look at my transcript and asked if I had considered community college.

Today, I’m not top of my class. I’m not top of my major, or even my concentration. My GPA has gone from a 3.91 to a 3.25 (thank you, chemistry prereqs) and I’m typically more concerned with working than I am with extracurriculars.

Even so, I’ve accomplished a lot. I have crammed nearly four years of curriculum into two and a half years, worked part-time (and sometimes full-time) hours, and created opportunities. I’ve studied everywhere imaginable– including planes, buses, and in break rooms. I regularly double- and triple-booked myself,  and have spent time in every major part of my field.

My hard work paid off on April 2nd, when I was matched to a dietetic internship at Central Washington University.  The internship gives me the 1200 required supervised practice hours that I need to become a Registered Dietitian. The match rate nationwide is typically about 50% and relies on a computer algorithm to match applicants to internships. Central’s 14-month, unpaid program starts in June and I’m very excited for it. I finally get to apply everything I’ve learned and learn some new things, too!

I went from having no required prerequisites done and just knowing that I somehow wanted to become an RD to being an almost-graduate and incoming dietetic intern. I never thought that graduation would come so soon or that I’d be this close to achieving my career goals. It’s bittersweet for me to be nearly done and leaving New England so soon. I’m happy to be headed back to Washington, but I’m sad to leave the lifelong friends I’ve made here (and Polar seltzer).

Thank you for all of your continued support as I enter this new professional chapter of my life!